Prostate cancer survivorship priorities for men and their partners: Delphi consensus from a nurse specialist cohort

Journal article extract: Journal of Clinical Nursing, Volume 29, Issue 1-2, 2020

Nicholas Ralph, Anna Green, Sally Sara, Suzanne McDonald, Philip Norris, Victoria Terry, Jeffrey C. Dunn, Suzanne K. Chambers

DOI 10.1111/jocn.15096

“Specialist nurses are providing long-term survivorship care to men and their partners, however, few prostate cancer survivorship interventions are effective and priorities for nurse-led survivorship care are poorly understood. The results from this study showed that prostate cancer specialist nurses characterised the prostate cancer survivorship experience of men as under-resourced, disjointed and distressing. In all, 11 survivorship priorities for men and three for partners were identified within five broad areas: capacity building; care coordination; physical and psychosocial care; community awareness and early detection; and palliative care. Internationally, prostate cancer survivorship care for men and their partners requires urgent action to meet future need and address gaps in capacity and care coordination. Low feasibility of survivorship priorities may reflect translational challenges related to capacity. Prostate cancer survivorship care guidelines connected to practice priorities are urgently needed.”

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