An exploration of the Role of the Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse from Two International Perspectives

Journal article extract: Seminars in Oncology Nursing Volume 36, Issue 4, August 2020

Louisa Fleure & Sally Sara

DOI 10.1016/j.soncn.2020.151043

“A diagnosis of prostate cancer is a major life-changing event that brings social, psychological, physical, financial, and spiritual challenges. In both the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia, prostate cancer specialist nurses have a unique role in the care of men and their families.Specialist nursing roles have developed within different frameworks and in response to very different political drivers in the UK and in Australia. An evidence base has developed demonstrating that prostate cancer specialist nurses offer positive outcomes for men and their families. Despite some differences in the scope of international roles, there are common aspects. Both health care settings have challenges in terms of education, role definition, and capacity. Yet both prostate cancer specialist nurses roles have delivered innovative models of specialist care in terms of service delivery and patient support and education. Prostate cancer specialist nurses have the potential to significantly decrease the burden on the public health system and influence change. For men with prostate cancer and their families, prostate cancer specialist nurses can improve care through holistic nursing models focusing on what is important to individuals: support, education, management of side effects, rehabilitation, and by delivering and improving access to high-quality care.”

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