Development and Initial Evaluation of a Multifaceted Intervention to Improve Mental Health and Quality of Life Among Prostate Cancer Survivors

Journal article Abstract: International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 18, 2020

Gabriela Ilie, Ross Mason, David Bell, Greg Bailly, Ricardo A. Rendon, Robert Mann, Joseph G. Lawen, David Bowes, Derek Wilke, Nikhilesh Patil, and Robert D. H.

DOI 10.1007/s11469-019-00108-y

Mental health issues affect a third of prostate cancer survivors. Here, we describe the development and preliminary evaluation of a unique multifaceted intervention, the Prostate Cancer–Patient Empowerment Program (PC-PEP), designed to improve mental health and quality of life among survivors. The 28-day pilot PC-PEP Intervention was developed following the engagement of patients, survivors, caregivers and health care professionals in identifying survivorship needs and well-being resources for improved mental health. The pilot intervention was implemented with a group of 30 prostate cancer survivors in Halifax, Canada. Measures collected over the 28-day program included psychological distress and physical health indicators, as well as program compliance. Participation in PC-PEP resulted in significant improvement in measures of mental and physical health over the 28-day program. Very good to excellent compliance with all five components of PC-PEP was observed. This evaluation provides strong initial support for a multifaceted program to improve mental health outcomes in prostate cancer survivors.

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